As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Meet The Team

our exceptional family & their God-given gifts

Briani Scheels

Organic Lifestyle Facilitator
Hudson Valley, New York

Doreen Ann is an philanthropist, entrepreneur, and spiritual healing counselor. She built her global real estate company and New World Communities sustainable housing projects as a single mom with 6 children. In 2012, she became an ordained minister to continue her work as a spiritual healer, establishing Briani’s House of the Healed Ministries in early 2023. 

When 2 of her children were diagnosed with life threatening conditions, she was guided by her faith to believe her children could be healed, and there was a higher purpose to their suffering. She became inspired to grow organic food from her garden & prepare her own nutritious meals & holistic treatments. 

Doreen Ann’s Kitchen is more than another room in the house: it’s the heart of her home and the heart of her family ecosystem.  Each meal is literally medicine for the body and soul. Doreen Anne’s passion for holistic healing, sustainable housing, and generational wealth comes from never wanting to see another young, single mom and her children be hungry or homeless.

Kate Moore

Herbalist & Holistic Homemaker
Orlando, Florida

Kate is an herbalist, gardener, and 

Wife and mother to one human and five cats.

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