Conduct Your Business In Private.

A Private Ministerial Association is a private organization under 508(c)1(a) status that allows you to conduct business with members of your Ministry in the private without governmental interference. A PMA is also afforded all protections of a religious organization under the First Amendment, including freedom of speech, freedom to conduct religious activities, and exemption from taxation.

Choosing to establish a PMA for your business rather than an LLC or 501(c)3 removes you from the regulation of the government that these other corporate structures are under and allows you to conduct your affairs with freedom.

We’ve packaged the documents and papers required to form a lawful 508(c)1(a) Private Ministerial Association to streamline the process and enable you to establish your PMA quickly and easily.

There is no filing or government involvement required in forming a PMA. All of your PMA formation papers and ongoing ministerial activities, including business operations, are completely private.

Private Ministerial Association (PMA) Formation Package

  • Fill-in-the-blank documents & papers in Pages and Docx format for Mac or PC/Word:
    • Formation papers for a 508(c)1(a) Private Ministerial Association: Articles of Association, Certification, and Charter Bylaws
    • Application forms for your PMA’s new members.
    • Specialty Member Intake forms for PMAs involved with educational or healthcare products or services
    • Template for your PMA website’s legal page.
    • Trespass Notice to protect your PMA’s privacy.
  • Detailed instructions to complete your formation papers and establish your PMA.
  • Information sheet that outlines the legal protections of your PMA, including inherent tax exemption status.
Accessing The Package

Upon checkout, you will receive a zip file to download that contains all the instructions and documents.

Disclaimer: The contents of this package are intended purely as a communication of information in accordance with the right of free speech. It does not constitute either general or specific legal advice. Anyone seeking legal advice should consult a competent professional.

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