Gardening Level 1 Homeschool Module


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About This Program

Digital PDF, 75 pages

This program is designed to be an introductory level for vegetable gardening.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or consider yourself a brown thumb, these lessons are designed to be easy to follow for both adult and child and applicable to children at any age level. Whether your child is 2 or 12, you can easily adapt the provided materials to their competency level.

Each lesson is accompanied by a page for the parent that provides objectives, materials you will need, suggestions, and any additional required information to help you guide your child through the lesson. The activity sheets included will help guide your child through the process of understanding where their food comes from and how to start a simple garden.

The suggested plants included in the lessons are easy to grow and don’t generally require large spaces, making this program friendly to a variety of spaces. Whether you have an acre of land or a sunny patio or balcony, the options provided in this program will enable you to grow a few or many food-producing plants with your child to enrich their education and support the values of food sustainability, connection to nature, and organic gardening.

Content Overview

Section 1: Meet Your Vegetables

Topics: benefits to growing your own food, introduction to easy-to-grow vegetables, parts of a vegetable plant, life cycle of a plant, what a vegetable needs to grow

Section 2: Planning Your Garden

Topics: choosing a location, finding your growing season dates, how many plants to feed a family, choosing your seeds, how to read a seed packet, planning your garden layout

Section 3: Getting Started

Topics: tools & materials, calculating soil and lumber quantities, preparing garden beds and containers, how to plant seeds

Section 4: Tending Your Garden

Topics: watering, fertilizing, composting, weeding, trellising, friends of the garden, harvesting

Plus Worksheets:
  • My Plant Reference Sheet
  • Creating A Garden Map
  • Planting Log
  • My Garden Journal
Vegetables Included:

pepper, bean, tomato, cucumber, carrot, radish, beet, lettuce, arugula, spinach, collards

Plus herbs: basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, dill, sage, cilantro, mint

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