Purchase Your First Home or Investment Property in 90 Days Mentorship Platform

You’ll receive fill-in-the-blank documentation with detailed instructions to correct your status and become an American State National.

  • Phases 1 & 2: Steps to correct your status from US Citizen to American State National.
  • Phase 3: Steps to acquire a 5-star passport that serves as your photo identification and notice of status.
  • Phase 4: Additional documentation to correct other corporate system ties including…
    • forming a GodTrust
    • cancelling vehicle registration, proper automobile status, and right to travel
    • revocation of election to pay taxes
    • annulling the fraudulent “marriage license” and establishing a lawful marriage
    • lawful voting and cancelling registration
    • status of children
    • and more…

Plus, additional resources for further reading and education of the historical context, background information, and how to exercise your rights.

Mentorship Platform Only


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