Your Freedom Is Priceless.

Reclaim your sovereignty and take ownership of your corporate status that was established by your birth certificate.

We’ve taken the liberty of packaging our documents and outlining the process based on our personal experience of correcting our statuses with the corporate US government to assist you in implementing this process smoothly for yourself.

By repudiating your corporate citizenship, you obtain sovereign status, standing, and jurisdiction in the eyes of the law. This provides lawful protection of your family and children from governmental interference and psychological peace of mind living in accordance with your values.

What is it worth to you to be free?

Sovereignty Package


You’ll receive fill-in-the-blank documentation with detailed instructions to correct your status and become an American State National.

  • Phases 1 & 2: Steps to correct your status from US Citizen to American State National.
  • Phase 3: Steps to acquire a 5-star passport that serves as your photo identification and notice of status.
  • Phase 4: Additional documentation to correct other corporate system ties including…
    • forming a GodTrust
    • revocation of election to pay taxes
    • annulling the fraudulent “marriage license” and establishing a lawful marriage
    • lawful voting and cancelling registration
    • status of children
    • and more…

Plus, additional resources for further reading and education of the historical context, background information, and how to exercise your rights.

Accessing The Package Content

Upon checkout, you will receive a link to the package website along with an access password. Please download the access file after checkout for your link and password.

We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice. You take full responsibility for educating yourself and understanding this process as well as implementing any steps you choose to take. We make no claim that these documents or our description of the process is exhaustive.

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